Describe is a very powerful feature that allows you to describe in detail the content of an image, whether uploaded or generated by Ideogram. There are three ways to access this feature:


When you browse images in any section and click on the three dots "...":


When viewing a particular image and you click on the three dots "...":


When you have an image in your Prompt Area and click on the Describe icon:

When you activate the Describe function, the AI will analyze your image and generate an appropriate prompt describing the content of the submitted image.

Here are three examples of real photographs for which the Describe function was used and for which Ideogram's AI was asked to generate the corresponding images without using the Remix or the Magic Prompt:

Prompt from Describe: A vibrant yellow bird perched on a slender brown branch. The bird has black and white markings on its wings and tail. The backdrop consists of green leaves, suggesting that the bird is in a tree. The sky is visible in the blurred background, indicating an outdoor setting.

Prompt from Describe: A picturesque town nestled between a dense forest and a serene lake. The town is characterized by a main road that runs through it, flanked by houses on both sides. The houses vary in size and color, with some having red roofs. The forest is ablaze with autumn colors, ranging from golden yellows to fiery reds and deep oranges. In the background, majestic mountains rise, partially obscured by a layer of mist. The sky above is clear with a few wispy clouds, suggesting a bright and sunny day.

Prompt from Describe: An antique wooden radio with intricate carvings, placed on a wooden shelf. Above the radio, there are glass containers, possibly for decorative orbs. The radio is surrounded by lush green plants, with one plant trailing down the side of the shelf. The setting appears to be indoors, with a white wall in the background.

If the result you get with Describe doesn't seem to live up to your expectations, you can try using the Editor to crop your original image to a different aspect ratio or zoom in on the main subject. This will give you a slightly different prompt that may produce a better image.

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