The Upscale feature, available for user with a Basic subscription plan and up, enlarges by a factor of 2 (twice or 2x) the resolution of your Ideogram-generated images as well as those you've uploaded with the upload function (Plus subscription plan and up).

This function is available when viewing an image feed by clicking on the "..." at the bottom of the image and selecting the Upscale item in the menu...

... or when viewing an image in detail, where it is accessible to the right of the Retry and Remix buttons.


To use it, simply press the button to launch the interface in the prompt area. On the left-hand side, you'll have the usual interface with the prompt used to create the original image and a preview of it. On the right-hand side, you'll have access to a couple of sliders to set a few parameters values to be used when generating the final upscale.

1- Resemblance

This is the parameter that tells the AI how identical you want the enlarged image to be to the original. A value of 1 will give the AI more latitude to be creative with the image. This is sometimes useful for correcting certain defects or enhancing certain details. With a value of 100, the result will be as close as possible to the original image while enlarging and maintaining an optimal sharpness in the image.

Original vs a Resemblance value of 1

Original vs a Resemblance value of 100

2- Detail slider

This slider allows you to adjust the level of detail of the image to be enlarged. The higher the value, the more details will be visible and present. Conversely, a lower value will reduce the amount of detail.

Detail value of 1 vs 100

Once you set the two sliders to the values you want, just press the Upscale button to start the Upscale process.

Once the upscale is done, you will be presented with two images: the original on the left and the upscaled one on the right.

To better view the result, click on the upscaled image. You will be presented with the image in more detail. Notice the Split view icon in the upper right corner. This will toggle a comparison view where you will be able to compare the original image with the upscaled one using a split view slider.

You can also view some valuable information like the final resolution of the upscaled image and the parameters used to generate it.

At the moment, it's only possible to upscale an image by a factor of 2x. Other upscaling options may be added in the future.

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