Generating Images

Ideogram is a web application that allows you to browse and generate images from text. Within the user interface, you can generate images, browse and filter previously generated images, curate your user profile, manage your subscription, and more.


To create an image, describe what you want to see in the prompt box, then hit "Generate".

At the top of the screen, you can click on the input text box to start typing in a description of what you want Ideogram to generate. Hit the "Generate" button to start the generation.

Prompts and generations are visible to everyone on Ideogram unless you choose to generate in Private Mode.

Ideogram generates four images at a time using graphical processing units (GPUs) on remote servers. While the generation is happening, you will see previews of the final images with a progress indicator above them.

After waiting a few seconds, your generation is complete!

Generation Actions

If you click on one of the generated images, you have a few actions you can take.

You can Pin the image to your profile, Like the image, set it private if you're a Plus plan user. You can also Retry the previous generation or Remix it.

If you click on the three dots, you have more options:

You can:

  • Remix your image

  • Retry your last generation

  • Edit your image with the Editor (Subscription)

  • Share a link to your image

  • Download the image

    • If you have Ideogram Plus, this will download an uncompressed PNG file

    • With the free plan, this will download a slightly compressed JPG file

  • Set the image as your profile photo

    • Note that you can only do this with your own generations

  • Report the image

  • Delete the image generation (Subscription)

  • Make a generation private (Subscription)

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