Seed Number

The Seed Number functionality serves as a unique identifier or starting point for image generation within the AI model. Think of it as a special code or number that sets the initial conditions or parameters used by the AI to create an image. It is usually used to produce the same image output, ensuring consistency in results for reproducibility.

If you let the AI determine a seed automatically, the AI will generate one and render the image based on that seed number.

When the image is generated, if you click on a particular image, you will find it's seed number in the panel on the right (on PC) or below the image (on mobiles).

One use case would be to keep the same seed number and generate the same prompt with different renderings. Here's an example:

Seed: 406220 Rendering: Fast

Seed: 406220 Rendering: Default

Seed: 406220 Rendering: Quality

This feature can also be used to make some very small modifications to a prompt while keeping most of the image the same as before.

Prompt: ... The background is a dark blue gradient, ... Seed: 406220 Rendering: Default

Prompt: ... The background is a dark purple gradient, ... Seed: 406220 Rendering: Default

Prompt: ... The background is a dark red gradient, ... Seed: 406220 Rendering: Default

As you can see, the images are not strictly identical, but they have the same composition and general appearance, albeit with a modified background as requested.

By using this technique and modifying the nature of the prompt, for example by replacing the word "photography" with "painting" or changing the AI model, you'll get different images even if you use the same seed number.

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