Magic Prompt

What is Magic Prompt

Magic Prompt uses a locally hosted LLM (Large Language Model) to act as your personal assistant. It interprets your original prompt according to your instructions and optimizes it to maximize the variety and beauty of the images generated.

This feature also allows you to write your prompts in your native language for greater accuracy and ease of use by users worldwide.

Magic Prompt Options

To select a particular model, simply click or tap on the desired version number. The version in use will then be highlighted.

When you write a prompt, you can chose one of the three available options.


When the option is set to "on", each of the four images generated by Ideogram will benefit from the enhanced prompt from the Magic Prompt.


When the option is set to "off", the four images generated by Ideogram will exclusively use your original prompt as-is.


When the option is set to "auto", Magic prompt will decide how many of the images will use the enhanced prompts based on the length of your initial prompt.


Here are a few examples of the Magic Prompt function in action and the prompts and images it generates.

Original Prompt: A cat on the right side of a beach ball on a sunny beach

With Magic prompt off:

Here, with the Magic Prompt disabled, the AI decided to generate 4 images in a photographic style while respecting the instructions in the original prompt.

With Magic Prompt set to auto

In this example, Magic Prompt decided to use the original prompt twice while enhancing the other two. In those two images, it decided to add elements usually seen on a beach. It also decided to add some artistic flair, and a funny atmosphere to them.

When you select the image, certain information appears either to the right of your screen (desktop) or below the image (mobile devices). When Magic Prompt has been used, you can see both the original prompt and the enhanced prompt. If we select the 1st image, we can see the magic prompt used to generate this particular image:

The image was generated by the AI according to the enhanced prompt below:

A playful cat is sitting on the right side of a vibrant beach ball, situated on a sunny, sandy beach. The beach is dotted with sunbathers and colorful umbrellas. Waves gently lap at the shore, and a pristine blue sky is adorned with a few fluffy white clouds. Seagulls soar overhead, adding to the lively and carefree atmosphere.

To copy one of the prompts, simply click or tap the icon to the right of it.

Here are a few other examples of images generated with and without Magic Prompt.

Original Prompt: Photo of cupcake and strawberries

Magic Prompt: A delectable photo of a scrumptious cupcake adorned with fresh, vibrant strawberries. The cupcake features a soft, fluffy frosting covered in colorful sprinkles, while the strawberries add a touch of natural sweetness and elegance. The background evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, with a rustic, vintage feel, and a hint of a sunlit afternoon.

Original Prompt: Make a logo for a summer camp named "Pinecrest Pioneers Camp"

Magic Prompt: A vibrant and colorful logo for the "Pinecrest Pioneers Camp" summer camp. It features a pioneer-style wooden cabin nestled among tall pine trees, with a bright yellow sun shining overhead and a blue sky. In the background, there's a lake surrounded by lush green grass. The camp's name is written in bold, playful letters in a mix of red, orange, and yellow, evoking the warmth and excitement of summer. The logo exudes an atmosphere of adventure and friendship.

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