Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ideogram?

Ideogram is a generative text-to-image AI tool that lets you turn text into images, enabling you to unleash your creative ideas in a matter of seconds.

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How can I start using Ideogram to generate images?

Sign up for an account and start generating images at Ideogram works directly in your browser without needing to download any additional applications or software.

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How much does Ideogram cost to use?

Ideogram is free to use. To get access to priority generation, private generation, image upload, and other premium features, you can subscribe to one of our subscription plans. Learn more on our Plans & Pricing page:

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Can I get a refund on my subscription plan?

Payments for all of our subscription services are non-refundable and there are no credits given for any unused periods.

Please review our full Terms of Service, paying close attention to Section 2.6.

Can I use Ideogram for commercial use?

We do not claim any ownership rights in your generated content, and we also do not restrict your ability to use it for your own purposes. However, this means you are responsible for your content, including taking all steps necessary to ensure that it does not violate any laws or rights of third parties or our Terms of Service.

Please review our full Terms of Service, paying close attention to Section 2.1.

Where can I view my Ideogram invoices?

To view invoices from an Ideogram subscription, navigate to the "Manage Subscription" page. From there, you will see your invoice history.

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How do I correct text in my image?

Although Ideogram excels at generating text in images, an image can sometimes contain a spelling error, a missing or extra word or letter. Depending on the nature of the error, it is possible to correct the situation in various ways. See our Text and Typography guide for more details.

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Can other people see the images I generate?

Generated images are by default visible to the entire community. Private generations are available with the Ideogram Plus subscription.

Can I remove the background on my generated images?

Currently, no, but you can specify a background colour in your prompt. For Ideogram Basic plan subscribers, you can export PNG images and use other tools to remove the background easily.

Does Ideogram have an API?

Currently, no. However, we are working hard on releasing one soon.

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