When you generate an image, you will find certain functions in the Prompt Area that you can use to adjust certain parameters for generating your. To keep things simple, some of these are not displayed by default. To make them appear and access the Rendering parameters, simply click on the settings icon just to the left of the Generate button.

This function lets you adjust the amount of time the AI will spend fine-tuning the requested image. There are three possible Rendering levels:

Fast (~5 sec): Generates images quickly and is best used for ideation when you want to have a quick look at the composition of the image.

Default (~12 sec): This is the standard rendering normally used.

Quality (~20 sec): For better detail and overall image rendition. Can sometimes improve certain imperfections visible in Default mode.

Here are some examples:




These animated versions, of the images above, help to better appreciate the differences between the three renderings:

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