Creator Titles

Top users on Ideogram are awarded titles to recognize their work. Current titles include:

  1. Elite Creator

  2. Top Creator

  3. Leading Creator

Titles are awarded to users based on a number of metrics. In order to be eligible for a title, you must have logged in recently, and produced images that align with our Terms of Service.

When a user has a title, their profile image will be outlined with the colour of the corresponding tier. For example, the user John Doe is an "Elite Creator", so the user's profile picture is outlined in gold.

Metrics Used

The metrics used to determine how titles are awarded include, but are not limited to:

  • Total number of generations created

  • Total number of distinct users that liked your generations

  • Total number of followers

  • Total number of times your generations have been remixed by other users

These metrics are computed on a weekly basis, and titles are assigned to the top users in each category for one week.


By default, users on the free plan have 25 standard generations per day. When you have a title, this number increases:

TitleNumber of Generations / Day

Elite Creator


Top Creator


Leading Creator


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