Using Magic Prompt

The Magic Prompt feature in Ideogram can be very helpful to provide additional content, details, ambiance and stylistic information in a prompt. The more basic is the prompt, the more Magic Prompt will add to it.

To find out more about the Magic Prompt function and familiarize yourself with it, you can also visit the section linked below.

Magic Prompt

From basic to magic

Let's use a simple prompt and used it to explore what the Magic Prompt would come up with.

Original prompt: A boy with a dog in a park.

When used, the Magic Prompt function generates a new, improved and embellished prompt based on your original prompt, then sends it to the AI to generate an image based on this new prompt. Here are two examples:

Magic Prompt: A heartwarming scene of a young boy playing with his happy, wagging dog in a lush, green park. The boy has a playful smile on his face while he tosses a bright yellow ball for his furry friend to fetch. The park is filled with beautiful flowers and trees, creating a serene atmosphere for this bonding moment between boy and dog.

Magic Prompt: A charming image of a young boy playing with a cute, wagging-tail dog in a lush green park. The boy's joyful smile and the dog's playful eyes convey a sense of happiness and connection. The park is full of colorful flowers and trees, with a sunny sky overhead. The overall atmosphere of the image is serene and uplifting.

Even if there is no mention of any style in the original prompt or in the Magic Prompts, the AI decided to generate the images in styles that seemed appropriate for the text.

Styles with Magic Prompt

The Magic Prompt also allows you to illustrate and explain in greater detail a basic style that you can request in your prompt. Here an example:

Original prompt: A boy with a dog in a park, abstract art.

Magic Prompt: A captivating abstract art piece featuring a boy playing with a dog in a park. The park is filled with vibrant colors, and the boy and the dog are depicted in bold, swirling lines. The background is a blend of various shapes and textures, conveying a sense of movement and energy.

Magic Prompt: An abstract painting of a boy and a dog playing in a park. The boy is holding a ball, and the dog is running with a playful expression. The park is full of vibrant colors, with trees, flowers, and a winding path. The overall atmosphere of the painting is lively and joyful.

Magic Prompt: A vibrant abstract painting of a boy playing with a dog in a lush park. The background is a swirl of vivid colors, representing the park's foliage and sky. The boy and the dog are in a dynamic pose, with the dog's ears flapping and the boy's arm extended. The overall art piece exudes a joyful and playful atmosphere.

As you can see, the Magic Prompt has expanded on the original prompt while expanding and refining certain aspects of the requested style. Each proposal gave a relatively different image, while remaining within the parameters of the original prompt.

Magic Prompt for inspiration

We all suffer from a lack of inspiration, the so-called blank page syndrome. To help you get started and stimulate your creativity, there's nothing like using the Magic Prompt. Let's look at a few examples.

Original prompt: Create a logo for a coffee shop named "Mocha Comfort"

Magic Prompt:

A warm and inviting coffee shop logo for "Mocha Comfort" featuring a steaming mug of coffee with a swirl of rich mocha. The coffee is surrounded by a comfortable, cozy chair, and a warm, glowing fireplace. The overall design exudes a sense of relaxation and contentment, with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Magic Prompt:

A modern and stylish logo for "Mocha Comfort" features a steaming coffee cup with a swirl of creamy mocha on top. The cup is paired with a cozy-looking armchair, evoking a sense of relaxation and comfort. The text of the name, "Mocha Comfort," is written in an elegant, cursive font, with the "C" in "Comfort" shaped like a comfy cushion. The overall design is warm and inviting, perfect for a coffee shop that offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Magic Prompt:

A cozy and inviting logo for "Mocha Comfort" coffee shop, featuring a steaming hot mocha with a whipped cream topping and a cherry on top. The coffee cup is adorned with a comfortable, plush heart, symbolizing love and warmth. The overall design is in a modern, minimalistic style, with a subtle, earthy color palette.

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